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Basic Website, Landing Pages and E-Commerce

why your business needs a website

A website is a group of web pages located under the same domain name. These web pages contain and show information about the company or organization and usually include elements such as photos, videos and text. It’s important to have a presence online because you’ll attract more customers and clients. Usually, web pages are used to inform, entertain, interact with other users, buy and sell items and even as a personal presentation.


The website is where your company’s information is hosted, it is a presentation of your business and it is everything! A website serves to have a presence on the network and has different functions depending on the objectives set, for example, it serves to inform, to sell products or services, to create a community or promote a cause, to interact, to train or to educate.

For a classic website, it is important that you can include these sections for your website


Reach a wider audience and showcase your products or services.



Customers are more likely to trust a company that has a website.



A website allows customers to access your company 24/7 without restrictions.


Affordable and effective way to market your business.




By offering an online presence, you can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.

Basic informative web pages have different characteristics, such as being

simple and static

Simple because, in general, they are simple. As their  purpose is only to inform, they are mainly composed of text, images and sometimes videos.

Static because the content of an informative page appears statically on the site to be read by the visitor.


What is a Landing page?

A landing page is a web site that is designed to receive users after performing a specific action on another page. Landing pages are simple web pages, which usually do not have sections. Also, they are designed to generate leads. They are personalized to attract each type of customer according to each of your products.

A great site that helps the client to create professional designs. The advantage is that it offers free and paid options that allow the user to decide according to their objectives, needs and possibilities.

This page offers the benefit in the first place and then explains the plans and prices in a quick and attractive way.

To Uber eats for example, the subscription is free and you only have to pay for the delivery and food with cash, credit or debit card

Types of landing pages


Squeeze pages: Its main objective is to capture the visitor’s email address. Once it is captured, the brand starts its lead nurturing processes through relevant content and special offers.


Splash pages: The purpose of this page is to serve as an intermediate site between a website, blog post or social network and another destination, where promotions, offers or some kind of brand advertisement are displayed.


Leads capture pages: They are looking for more information from the user. Generally, it requires information like: name, company name, email address, current job title, and more.


Click through pages: pages where the benefits of the brand’s product or service are shared with a Call To Action button that leads to a free trial. It wonders why he/she should do his free trial.

What is the landing page you need?

Remember, you have to identify your audience, profile them and choose the elements that can be useful. Then, you have to analyze if you are going to offer something on your landing page (an e-book, a free trial, subscriptions, events, buy something). And finally, determine what you need, for example, the data you are going to ask for, name, e-mail, phone and country. It has to be with attractive images, not so much text and testimonials.


What is an
e-commerce site?


It is a site that allows people to buy and sell digital services and products over the Internet instead of at a physical location. Web pages with online stores or shopping carts, which make e-commerce possible, are used to sell your products or services on the Internet. Through an E-commerce website, a company can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service. E-Commerce websites have boomed in recent years thanks to the increase of smartphones, which allows consumers to make purchases from almost anywhere in the world.

What you should include in your E-commerce Site?

Product & Service Information



Contact Information

Mechanisms or Forms of Payment

Products sold in an E-commerce Site

Things such as clothing, furniture, food or supplies are tangible products that can be stored in a storage. Services: a popular way to sell services, such as consultations, maintenance, guidance, classes, exercise classes, tutorials, online courses, podcasts, music and e-books.

As you can see, a website is essential for any activity in addition to its versatility. However, the most important thing is that it has to be functional in order to achieve your goals.There is no one type of web design that is “the best”; the right one for you depends on your goals and your brand.

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